Growing up, Mama told us kids that you would, in fact, go to Hell for ironing. If we owned an iron (which I’ve really searched my memory and can’t remember ever seeing one) it was never used in my presence. I can remember being at my grandmother’s house, watching her iron, and being mesmerized by the smell of spray starch and shiny smoothness she created.

Now Mama’s alternative was “fluffing”. My little brother asked her once if we’d go to hell for fluffing but she quickly set him straight with a loud “NO!”. Fluffing entailed getting the dryer hot, spraying down your article of clothing with water from a spray bottle, and tossing it in to steam the wrinkles out. Quick, easy and had the added benefit in the winter of wearing fresh dryer warm clothes.

Obviously, we didn’t buy clothes that fluffing couldn’t remedy. Daddy worked construction and the only time I saw him in a suit was for funerals. At church he stuck to the no-iron slacks and polo type shirts. Mother was prone to buy the silky, flowing type fabrics. And we kids stayed in good old cotton which is very fluffable.

As I grew into adulthood, there were times I went against the grain and ironed. I bought an iron that had a steamer function but was horribly disappointed. Those things always leak little bits and leave water spots on your clothes. My attempts at spray starch left white flakes. I could never master the technique itself of ironing and actually created wrinkles. It’s just not in my blood, I suppose. I often wonder if Mother’s deduction of ironing leading to Hell may in fact be logical. Anytime I tried, my rage and anger would reach levels that prompted me to scream profanity and my eyes would cloud over in a red murderous haze.

I’ve went back to the way I was raised and have found that the no-ironing mentality is now socially acceptable. I still use water bottles but also fell in love with the Downy Wrinkle Releaser. If you haven’t tried it, I challenge you to see for yourself how easy this makes life. I not only spray it on clothes fresh out of the dryer, but use it to fluff in place of my water bottle. Check it out:

Obviously, I don’t really believe ironing is dangerous for your soul. But why take that chance?