I know few knitters who do not hand knit socks. And the ones who don’t, well I bet you they would but they are probably a little less intimidated. I was before I learned! Its very scary. I knit with five needles when I knit my socks! And I will admit, it is quite scary looking. But I conquered my fears and I learned how. That lead me to Sockapalooza 4, a “sock swap!” Its a great concept, wherein knitters sign up, they are assigned a “sock pal” and they knit socks especially for their own sock pal. And the person who they knit for, knits for someone different, etc. etc. etc.

I can tell you that as a knitter, knitting for myself is amazing. I love it. And knitting for someone else is even more amazing. Thinking of the perfect thing to make them, the perfect color, putting your time into it, and waiting to see how they will like it. Its fantastic! However, receiving a knitted gift, a knitted SOCK gift, well I can think of nothing more exciting! I got my packaged, ripped it open, and I was so excited to see my very own hand made socks. And they fit PERFECT. Mine are off tomorrow in the mail to my own sock pal. I hope she is as excited to receive her as I was to receive mine.

So, know a knitter? Ask him/her for hand knit socks. I promise, you won’t regret it. And hey, if I am wrong…send them to me. I’ll love them for you.