Ever have one of those days when you are craving the best scoop of ice cream ever? Well I have those days at least 5 times a weeks. There is something with my genetic makeup that just screams ice cream.

My issue started with a pint of Vanilla Swiss Almond with my dad! How cool is he! We enjoyed this indulgence together on the couch, two spoons in hand while watching National Lampoons European Vacation. I know, crazy!!! Now this was perfect dad quality time until… Russ and his whatever girl he hooked up with go into an ice cream shop… camera pans down at the fabulous creamy flavors. Everyone is enjoying this fabulous creation that looks nothing like what I was consuming. I became overwhelmed with sadness and envy. So began my search for the perfect scoop.

Over the years I have been pleased with the progression of the American ice cream shop. We have come a long way from Friendly’s and Baskin Robins. There is one local “gelato” shop here in Richmond, that while good, it still did not cut it. I had envisioned a certain taste and consistency that it was just not giving me. I longed for the perfect dense texture and temperature. So for years I settled, fairly contently yet always craving the real gelato. I feel as though I hit the jack but when Fresh Market comes to town and what do they have but a pint of gelato… Ciao Bella. Though very good and the Hazelnut is not too sweet and the lemon is fabulous in my iced tea, it was okay, but still NO. It’s ice cream.

Then I hear through the grapevine….There is a new GELATO shop here. Nah… I thought. Still, I ventured out to try.

Despite all of my doubt…. Behold… the perfect scoop! Approximately $24 later, I am a happy women! My freezer is currently stocked with lemoncello, hazelnut, cantaloupe and pistachio. I am ready for anything.