If you had family over yesterday for Christmas, most likely you’re dealing with a lot of leftovers — I sure am! We had a 15lb bird, lots of dressing and too many side dishes to name!

As we packed up the leftovers last night, I pulled out my handy-dandy label machine (you can get a good labeler at a big box store for around $25) and started putting labels on each container. I kept the portions to individual size and even wrote a family member’s name on some of them. For example, I know my three year-old son will eat turkey but not nearly as much as my husband. Small amounts of turkey were put into containers with my son’s name on it. No point in heating up a large portion, only using a small amount and then reheating the rest again at a later date.

Some of the containers went straight into the deep freeze. There’s no way we are going to eat 10+ lbs of turkey fast enough this week! Into the freezer for safe keeping – and easy access because they are all labeled!

And I must admit, it does give me a girlish thrill to open the freezer or fridge and see all those uniform containers, neatly labeled.