Tonight I was in a rush to make some taco meat. I grabbed the ground beef out of the freezer and tossed it into the microwave on defrost.  Once they were slightly less frozen, I started wrestling them off of the styrofoam tray.

Sidenote: I never take the time to defrost my ground beef. I always put it in the skillet partially or fully frozen and let it cook and defrost at the same time.

This time, the styrofoam was a bit of a battle. When I finally loosened the meat and plopped it into the pan, I noticed that there was a small amount of a thin layer of black styrofoam on the frozen meat. Yikes!

As the bottom side cooked/defrosted, I used a steak knife to gently scratch the styrofoam off the meat. It came off *very* easily! I was really impressed!

So, two tips in one post:

  1. You don’t have to fully defrost your ground beef before cooking it
  2. Use a sharp steak knife to gently scratch off styrofoam that might still be on your meat