Do you know where your birth certificate is? Your passport? Your childrens’ birth certificates? Everyone’s social security cards?

Find them!

Put them all together either in a safe or in a bank safety deposit box.

Don’t have a passport? Get one! It’s a minimal amount of effort and you might need it one day for proof of citizenship.

As you might guess, I had a recent need for all these documents and it was a nightmare trying to gather them all. I was missing a social security card for one child, no birth certificate or passport for my husband, no idea where my own birth certificate was and, to make matters worse, the documents I did have weren’t kept together.

Even if you think you’ll never leave the country, get a passport. This year, there are some major changes happening with our borders and you must have a *passport*, not just a drivers license or birth certificate, to reenter the USA from Canada and Mexico.  I wanted to surprise my husband with an anniversary trip to the islands but he didn’t have a passport so we couldn’t go.

My domestic lesson for the week: Keep your personal documentation in order; you never know when you’ll need it.