I love to scrapbook!  It has been a hobby of mine for years but I stopped doing it around the time my son turned one.  Why?  He became mobile.  It was impossible to work on anything while he was awake.  By the time he went to bed and I dragged all my stuff out I was exhaused and ready for bed myself. 

A few months ago I discovered a new way to scrapbook (new to me at least).  Digitally!

There are several reasons why digital scrapbooking works better for me:

1.  No supplies to drag out (with paper scrapbooking the prep time would take forever).

2.  I can stay much better organized (organization is always a struggle for me, but everything is in neat folders on my computer)

3.  It is so much cheaper!  There are so many designer freebies just waiting to be downloaded.  All you have to do is a little searching.  And purchasing digital kits is much cheaper than buying supplies at a craft store.  One kit can be used over and over again – as opposed to a piece of paper.

 All you need to get started is photo editing software – I use Photoshop Elements.  Google digital scrapbooking and get those creative juices flowing!