I learned a lesson the hard way. 

A friend of mine sent me her set of Knit Picks Options because she hated them (I know, I found that impossible also, but I digress).  As the options aren’t labeled with sizes, I went through and gauged all of the needles with a needle gauge that I had received, also as a gift, and immediately cast on for three projects. 

Recently I decided to order more tips in certain sizes because I love the Options and don’t want to go back to using others.  I found it to be just as cost effective to purchase another whole set of Options needles in order to get a full set of needle tips and four more cords, as it would be for me to buy just a couple of tips and a few sets of cords.  Yes.  I can justify just about any knitting-related purchase, but again I digress.  Meanwhile I had started my sleeves on one of my newly cast-on sweaters and kept thinking to myself, “WOW these really don’t feel like size 6s” but I had sized them so just thought no more of it.  Yesterday after receiving my new set of Options, I put all of my needles away and they didn’t match up.  I pulled out my other needle gauge that I had gotten from a sock club, just to make sure I had measured correctly.  Lo and behold, ALL of my tips were sized wrong from the first set.  The original needle gauge was wrong!  So, now you can guess that all three projects have been knitted, one of them about 75% to completion, on the wrong size needles.  I have since remeasured the original set, and carefully labeled the pouches that they all belong in.  And then I redid it all again, just to be double sure.

So my knitterly advice to you is this.  Buy a couple of different brands of needle gauges, take some needles that ARE marked, and check which needle gauge is spot on and throw the others out.  I imagine if you happen to find one that is off, you will know just which manufacturer is in the knitting doghouse with me.