Ok Knitsters, lets get some knitting content going on this blog. We have some exciting things going on here at Domestic Bettys, and we want to get interactive. What does this mean? Well, it means that you are going to be seeing me around quite a bit more. And it means that we have lots of knitting to do, lots of fun to have, and lots of discussion. And I want to hear from you!!

I am going to be blogging my adventures on projects that I am working on (right now I am in the midst of a sweater craze!), things that I am struggling with, things that I am learning even if I didn’t mean to, and trying out some fun new yarns that I want to tell you all about! What do I want from you? I want comments, I want questions, I want to see pictures of what you are working on! If you have a better way of doing something, then I am want to hear it! Knitting is supposed to be fun, and I can sure tell you any tips and tricks I can pick up are exciting.

And that’s not all my friends. Nope, we can’t be interactive without a Knit-along!! Soon, I will be starting “The Baker’s Dozen” Knit-along. It will be a lot of fun, hopefully we will all learn a little something along the way, and my desire is to hear from you with projects that you might be knitting along with us here at DB.

Lets get ready to kick up the knitting content and have a blast knitting and learning together! Details on The Baker’s Dozen coming in the next few days!