The target!

Project: Summertime Tunic, Interweave Knits (Its a PDF file)

Size: 33.5

Needles: Size 6 for body, size 4 for ribbing

Yarn: Valley Yarns Southwick, 7 skeins (probably a little less)

Color: Margari

Cast on: 4/11/08; Cast off: 4/25/08 – For a total of two weeks start to finish!

My version (me trying to take a picture of myself in my new sweater while alone in the house):


Overall: If you aren’t a fan of stockinette, pass this one up. I, however, didn’t mind given that I had just cast off for my first “color work” sweater and I was ready for a little bit of a mindless knit. I knit this in the two weeks without really pushing myself. I just sat in front of the TV with a little Big Brother, CSI, Criminal Minds, and perhaps a few movies and it pretty much came together without too much brain power. I am NOT a fan of 1 x 1 ribbing, particularly on size 4 needles. All in all though, once I got through the 16 rows of ribbing (did I mention I’m not a fan?), it seemed to zip right off the needles.

Yarn: I loved this yarn! It was my first time working with cotton for a wearable project, and it was very nice to work with. I think I have a low tolerance to splittiness of yarn, so while I would call this a tad splitty, it is not quite as splitty as I found the Classic Elite Classic One Fifty (which I loved by the way!) or Lionbrand MicroSpun (which I am not so fond of). I imagine the high bamboo content makes it feel a bit different than the 100% cotton yarns. When I have knit with cotton in the past I have found it to be a tad hard on my hands, but that was not the case with this yarn. I really did enjoy working with it quite a bit.

Construction: I loved the fact that this was knit in the round until you split for fronts/back. That made for a must knit as there was no seaming. The casings appeared a bit scary to me, but once I got to them and started whipstitching them down, it really was pretty easy to do and I wasn’t put off by it in any way.

A note about sizing: I am NOT a 33.5 in the bust, not even remotely, and I would have done the next size up if I were to go to my true size but I am glad I did not. Due to some poking around on Ravelry I discovered that a lot of people were knitting a size down as their impression was that the pattern ran a bit big. I am so glad that I did my research and knit a size down, as had I not, I would have been swimming in this top rather than wearing it. As it stands, it is still a bit roomy, which is not so bad, but if I was looking for any type of fitted style to this tank I would be disappointed. I like that it is a bit loose and comfortable. I threw in the yellow/green ribbon because I wanted to try it on, but on my next shopping trip I will be picking myself up some ribbon in black to replace the current ribbon.

Overall, I am very pleased with the end result of this sweater and I would absolutely consider knitting it again. Two weeks from start to finish wasn’t bad at all, and while it has been referred to as “baby poop green” in color, I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a cute summer knit that is quick and simple.

Next target…. Rusted Root!