What is it? It’s a 12-month sock knit-along starting on 06/01/08.

Why socks? Cause they are little. And that makes them fast projects. And doing a pair a month seems way more reasonable than doing a sweater a month knit-along. I would probably just set us all up for failure if we try that one out, mainly myself!

What are we gonna do? We will start with a simple pattern, just your regular basic sock in a “learn to knit” style as a beginning step for those who might be a little scared to try socks or are relatively new to sock knitting. Each month thereafter I will choose a different pattern (free of course!) for us to try together and will post once a week on progress and what problems/concerns/thoughts I have with each step of the way. If you are finding you are stuck, leave a comment and I will answer your question/concern. If you find a great way to do something, leave that too! And certainly when you finish your sock(s), we wanna see the finished project!! Remember, we want this to be interactive and fun!

Why is it called The Baker’s Dozen if there is only one pattern a month? Well, that is where we throw you the curve ball! We will have one ongoing project, which will take us through the year as an “additional” fun pattern, probably a bit more challenging, thus giving us a lot more time to work on it. And, who can have a domestic blog and NOT refer to a Baker’s Dozen?

What do I need to get started? I will pop up a list of necessities about a week or two before the start of the month so that we can gather or supplies and get ready to knit! Look for your first list to show up here on 5/15 or so, and then get geared up to start The Baker’s Dozen with Domestic Bettys. Any questions or comments in the meantime, please leave a comment here and I will answer them! Or just leave a comment to say “Hi” and let us know you will be joining in. We’d love to hear from you!