Taking pictures of your kids isn’t always easy.  Especially if you have one like mine who runs when he sees the camera.  But, you don’t need to be a professional photographer or have a fancy camera to get some great captures.  Here are a few tips for taking great pictures of your kids:

  • Get down on their level.  Kneel down and take pictures instead of looming over their heads.  Don’t be afraid to lay down on the ground.  Sure, you’ll look silly but it will be worth it!
  • Fill the frame.  Go for the close-ups.  Make sure your child is the center of attention.  When you take pictures from too far away your child just gets lost in the background.
  • Speaking of backgrounds, pay attention to what’s behind your child.  Try to avoid busy, clutttered surroundings.  Look for trees or poles that appear to be coming out of your child’s head.  If the background is unattractive, get in close or move somewhere else.
  • Get outside.  Turn off your flash and use natural light.  It looks so much better!  When outside, try to avoid full sun.  Look for some open shade, turn you child so that the light hits their eyes beautifully and snap away.  You won’t be sorry!  Your colors will look so natural, and you will lose that “flashy” look that washes your subjects out.
  • Don’t say “cheese”.  Try to capture natural expressions, they look so much better than forced, cheesy grins.  Not every picture has to show a smile, it’s nice to capture your child’s serious side also.
  • Go for candid shots.  No uncomfortable poses, let kids be kids.  Capture them doing the things they love (for instance, playing with a favorite toy).
  • If at first you don’t suceed, try try again!  That is the beauty of digital cameras.  Bad shots can be easily erased.  Take lots and lots of pictures!

Give some of these tips a try.  Your scrapbooks will thank you!