The target!

Project: Rusted Root

Size: Medium

Needles: Size 6 for body, size 4 for ribbing

Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, 3 skeins

Color: Lilac

Cast on: 4/26/08; Cast off: 05/18/08

My version:


Overall: I love this pattern!!!! It was super easy, and it knit up very quickly once you got past all the increases for the sleeves. I stopped and put the ribbing on the neck and sleeves before I went on so that I wouldn’t have that looming over me once I got to the end. When I am at what I think should be the “end” of a project, I want to be DONE, not have other little things to fiddle with. Thus why I still have ends to weave in I suppose. 😉

Yarn: I didn’t mind this yarn much, but its not as soft and squishy as the yarn that I used for the Summertime Tunic. It has a lot of the cotton characteristics that I don’t like while I am knitting. It was just a tad hard on my hands, and I found that my wrists got a little bit tired after working on it for a while. But really, I have more in my stash and won’t hesitate to use it, so its not all that bad. Certainly not a deal breaker for sure.

Construction: I loved the fact that this was knit in the round! The sleeves are super cute, and the lace panel down the front makes it a little more interesting than just plain stockinette.

Sizing: I found that this pattern ran completely true to size and that made me so happy. I couldn’t ask for it to fit any better than it does.

What I would do differently: The ONLY thing that I would do differently were I to knit this again, would be to go ahead and do the ribbing at the neck at the start rather than picking up stitches. It just rolls a little bit, and I hope that will fix itself with blocking. Other than that, it is a perfectly written pattern that is clear and a pleasure to knit.

I am so in love with this sweater and I would absolutely knit it again. It only took me three weeks to knit, and I could have done it in two but life got in the way.

Next target…. Sizzle!