Double Pointed Needles:

There are two ways that I do this. The “easy” way is to cast on all of your stitches and then slip them to the other needles (as if to purl!). Then there is the way I do it most times. I can never make things easy 😉 BTW…I cast on using the long tail cast on for almost all of my projects.

Cast on my stitches to the first needle.

Grab my second needle and cast on to it, pulling it snug. I hold on to the other needle with the rest of my fingers, kind of hanging down to the side. A picture, so that you can see what the heck I’m saying.

Then I do that with the rest of the needles. (Looks crazy, no?)

Then I lay them out like this, so that I know that I haven’t twisted anything. As long as that little “line” is on the bottom of all of your needles, facing toward the inside of the square, you are good to go!

Then I just join…(pull real snug for this first stitch)

and off I go!

For those who care…The yarn is Lorna’s Laces “Devin” colorway. It is amazingly beautiful knitted up. The needles are my Knit Picks Harmony DPNs, which I love. I don’t knit with any other DPNs anymore. They are fabulously slick to move the yarn around on, but they aren’t crazy so that you can easily drop a stitch. At least not for me.

In my next post, I will show how to cast on to two circulars!