Ok, so my mother made some brownies for a potluck at work today.  She saw this recipe (if you can call it that) in some random cookbook at some point in her life and finally decided to try it. 

To say it was a big hit would be an understatement.  These things are just white trash heaven.  So here’s what you do:

Buy your favorite chewy fudge brownie mix (the richer the better). Make the brownie batter according to directions and spread in your pan.  (We also used real butter versus stick margarine for our batter because….. well…….  we’re Southern).

Get a bunch of mini Mounds bars. (We bought 2 of the 10 pack “sheets”). Lay them out on wax paper and smash them flat with a glass.  Lay them on top of your brownie batter to make your second layer.

Pop open a can of sweetened condensed milk and drizzle the whole can over everything as evenly as possible.  Bake according to the directions on the brownie mix.

Let them set and cool because they fell apart horribly when we attacked them fresh from the oven.  However, if you’re like us and have no objection to eating brownies with a spoon, then go ahead and attack them fresh out of the oven.  You could even spoon this stuff over ice cream as a topping while it’s hot, come to think of it.  Oh my gosh, this stuff was so worth the 2.3 seconds of guilt…….