I love reading women’s magazines because they are usually chock full of domestic tips and tricks. In particular, Taste of Home is a must have magazine for any domestically disabled woman.

I was flipping through Ready Made and found an interesting tip about how to deal with a broken egg mess. The author claimed that instead of making a slimy mess trying to wipe up a dropped egg, simply sprinkle salt on it, wait ten minutes and then scrape up the congealed mess.

So I decided to give it a whirl.

I cracked an egg into a small plate, liberally covered it with Kosher salt and set the timer. Then I stood there. And watched. And stared. And watched.

A watched pot never boils and I suspected that a watched and salted egg might not congeal so I headed into the living room to deal with the disaster my children left in their wake.

After ten minutes, I checked and it was still a slimy, salty mess. I pierced the yolk and let it spread, then covered the entire mess with Morton’s table salt.

Twenty minutes later, guess what I have? A big slimy mess going down the garbage disposal!

The moral of this anecdote is: Don’t believe everything you read.

And in the immortal words of my seventh grade science teacher, Mrs. Wallace, “Try it and see!”

So, if this had happened in real life, cleaning up this mess would have cost me more in salt than a few paper towels would have cost. Try the tips you read but don’t expect them all to work. But if you can get this particular tip to work, let me know!