We have some pretty awesome socks from last month!  Great job, everyone! I am loving getting to know everyone and seeing all the different socks.

Ok ok, here is the pattern.  I’ll hush 😉

Month #2 pattern

Bobby Ziegler’s Thuja (Rav link, non-Rav link)

Our official “man’s” sock of the KAL.  I am making these for myself (Hubby can make his own, and will!), and I have some pretty “girlie” colors ready to go.

I finished my June socks JUST in the knick of time.  I grafted the toe last night.  And then I fell asleep wearing my new socks.

Happy knitting everyone! Can’t wait to see progress pictures and hear from everyone as they start knitting!  We have some pretty awesome stash flashing going on and people have some really great colors picked out for this month’s socks on Rav.  Come on over and join in if you haven’t joined us yet! Its a great group!!

Let’s get knitting!