I am quite the It Takes A Thief junkie fan.  I love this show and the valuable information they give people. If you haven’t seen the show, the premise is that two ex-burglars case houses, get permission to “rob” the house on video, show the homeowners the video, then give them a home security makeover.

The first few weeks I watched this show, I couldn’t sleep at night because I kept hearing noises and it made me really jumpy!  Aside from adding to my personal paranoias, this show has given me a lot of info on how to make my home less attractive to a burglar.

Tonight’s show featured a man who collected …. well…. LOTS of stuff!  His entire office was totally wiped out and he really had no idea what items had been stolen.  For the police reports and insurance claims, you need to be able to give an accurate list of the missing property.

Enter Visual PackRat Pro!  If you are a collector, here’s a software program to help you track all your collectibles.  It’s so easy to let your collectibles get out of control.  Keep track of what you have – to protect your possessions and to keep your life organized!